Wednesday, October 31, 2007

"Trick or Treat"

We have two halloween traditions - either the kids and I fly to Derek & Jackie's in Virginia or we go to Grandma McQueary's here in Oregon. This year we stayed home (I'm not crazy - I couldn't handle 3 kids on a plane!)

This is my Trick or treating bunch - I don't allow the kids to dress scary. So it's always fun to find costumes for them. Jourdyn was Mulan - we made up her costume - in fact the robe was my grandmothers from Japan. Nadine was a Care Bear. And Rowan was a turtle.

It was a fun night - the great thing about Grandma's house is the homemade potato soap and hugs. Her neighborhood is a T shape and she's at one end of it - so we just walk the T and come back - this year we didn't even do half of the T and everyone was tired. But that has nothing to do with us saying "run, run, get to the next house!
Nadine this year has the "Trick or treat" and "Thank you" down pat. Rowan however found it much easier to open his bag and say "in the bag" with a nice little head nod so they get the point. It was pretty darn cute!
Oh, and I forgot to mention the first hour was daylight, which isn't normal and also it was 65 degrees - I guess we were in Virginia after all - no it was pretty flat - must of been Ohio.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Fender Bender

My van must have an accident magnet built in - it's probably one of those expensive options on the window sticker that I glanced over because it has some technical name I didn't understand....well, if you know what I am talking about and which button in my car can turn it off - PLEASE let me know!

This morning I was on Navarre Ave. on my way to the post office, then to drop Nadine at school. An old man rear-ended me at a stop light. He hit me twice! If you have ever been rear-ended you know that you get hit once than often the car will bounce and hit you again - I don't think this was the case. He hit me and I looked back saw him - looked at the two little ones to make sure they were okay and looked to see the distance between me and the semi in front of me and then looked in the rear-view mirror and then he hit again.

I got out of the car - and so did he. He didn't want to call the police (I tried!) He pulled out his insurance card and I wrote down the name and address - in the mean time an ambulance drove by and asked if everyone was okay - I said yes I think so - and they said they called the police and they were on the way. I forgot to mention that the old man - said my car wasn't dented so it was fine we didn't need to get the police involved. (My bumper has to be replaced - it didn't dent because it's made not to - it bounces back) but it did gouge and major paint transfer. And my rear-sensors are messed up.

So I see the cop coming and the old man gets in his car and says he isn't waiting - I pulled into Walgreens and talked to the cop - who is none other than my favorite Doggie-sitter!!!! I saw his name and literally laughed - he said what - and I said "Hi, I'm Sharon McQueary, I have the dog with the barking problem." He must have been assigned as my personal Oregon Police Officer!

Well, the kids are fine - Nadine and Rowan were with me. Nadine did strip herself down to no shirt or socks and shoes while we were waiting for the report to be filed. But I believe I have whiplash - I have a headache and my back and chest just ache. It really stinks!

My insurance agency is going to do all the leg work to get his insurance to pay! He was working - so he probably didn't want the citation that he would have gotten by waiting for the police because it will affect his job. Well, he's getting it anyways and maybe worse - one for causing an accident, one for not maintaining safe distance and possibly one for fleeing the scene since he saw the officer and left anyways.

Monday, October 29, 2007

What a relief!!!!!

Well, I finally heard my final grade for my Christian Education class ----- drum roll ----- I got an A!!! Yippee!!!

At this point, I really needed to hear that (or rather see that!) I have now a little boost! I have known that I had at least a B but I am a A-monger! It's crazy! I just need the A - and I got it!!! :)

So if you want to read my final paper - Teaching Holiness of Heart and Life - it's only 7 pages long (double spaced) - not to bad - I am going to try to link it. If it doesn't work and you want to read it - then email me.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Monster Mash!

Last night we were invite to a Halloween Party at Jason and Amy's house down the street.

This was an interesting experience for me - it began with shopping for a costume - which I have determined is meant only for really skinny hoochie mama's or plus size women - there is no in between. Playboy has it's own line of halloween costumes that involve pretty much underwear and skimpy ones at that. So after hours of trying on insanely provocative costumes and realizing just how fat I am - I decided to go to Walmart to find something. I found this evil looking witch/fairy thing. Not big on the evil stuff but wanted something that somewhat covered me. I painted my face up and off I went. Rob was Zorro - red shirt, black pants, black cape and Hat with/red feather - and a sword!!! I have more pics in my camera - I'll get them on later.

The party was great - we had a babysitter - so it was an adult night and I got to know my neighbors a little better! I had fun! I was a little cold but it was fun!

So on to my boyfriend! Okay so he's not my boyfriend just one of our greatest friends, Derek!

Derek and Jackie live in Virginia - they went to the Highland games this weekend. Derek was texted me about everything they were doing! Making me wish I could just escape and be there! Well, Jackie is Scottish (literally from Scotland) and he's been wanting a kilt - well he finally got one!
Rob said: "Ahh, that's so cute! A fat guy in a skirt!!!" But seriously doesn't he look great! And don't let Rob fool you - his is green and red!

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Bad Choices

A little bit from my heart to your eyes:

I have recently made a bad choice - at the time that I made it I was genuinely concerned, scared, heartbroken (and still am) and I chose to speak with someone about it because I didn't know what else to do and needed some advice. And you can imagine what happened from there.

Please pray for me as I try to figure this whole thing out and what can be done about it. I right now feel the best thing is to walk away and give up. So please just pray that God turns on some kind of light in my head and that no one else is hurt by my bad choice.

Nadine's First Field Trip

We're off to see the wizard, the wonderful wizard of oz!

Well, our day began very rainy so I thought for sure they would cancel this field trip - but nope they didn't!
So we were off to Erie Orchards. Before we left, Miss Libby asked all the students to sit at circle time and Rowan just walked right over and sat down - quicker than most of the kids in the class. It was quite funny! I guess he thinks he's ready for school!

It was rainy and cold but we survived a hayride through the orchards and pumpkin patches - we got to pick apples - Nadine wanted to pick them all and had a ball - Rowan was scared of the trees. But He did finally pick one.

They got to see how cider is made and eat delicious donuts. It was all in all a nice day, even with the bad weather!

One of the other moms today told me that Rowan was the "cutest little buckeye" she's ever seen. I'd have to agree!

Monday, October 22, 2007

A night at the Puppet Show!

You might think Rob and I are a little old for a puppet show! However, you never get too old for Jeff Dunham. I've linked to his website if you don't know who I am talking about. Well, anyways we had a date night last night with Ed and Evalee. Jeff was performing at the Stranahan Theatre so we all went. It was a great night. It got my mind off of a lot of things and gave me a chance to relax for a couple of hours. Oh, and a couple of hours with my hubby - laughing until we about pee-ed our pants. Well, 'til I about pee-ed my pants! That's what having kids does to ya!

My sister, Julie and Brodie came over to watch the kiddos. Thanks bunches!

Rob's been hunting - today he shot a wood duck! Just one! And my next class has begun - Biblical Theology! It is going to be very interesting and lots of work - so pray for me!

Saturday, October 20, 2007


It's finally beginning to feel like Fall! Tonight, MOD squad, our care group, went to the Whitehouse Cornmaze at the Butterfly House on Obee Rd. It was pretty neat. We went to dinner at McD's first, and then followed each other out to Whitehouse. Michelle, Teresa, Dan, Lauren, Shanin, Leah, Eric, Julie, Brodie, and our family. It was great. We were all planning to pay $5 because more people were supposed to come but they didn't. However, the guy let us in for that price anyways. (Thanks bunches God for that!)

The kids loved it, especially after dark - they finally got to use their new animal flashlights. They have a rhino and a cow that make noise when turned on and open their mouths to show their lights. They are very cute.

We were very LOST on more than one occassion and we didn't finished the 7.5 mile maze. The maze is made of four mazes each shaped like a part of the butterfly life cycle. We did the Chrysalis and the caterpillar. The kids wore us out! It was a great night and like I said it is finally feeling like Fall here in Ohio.

Friday, October 19, 2007

Harvest Festival & CakeWalk

What in the world is a CakeWalk? I didn't know until tonight! Jourdyn's school had their Harvest Festival and CakeWalk this evening. Jourdyn and I went and daddy stayed home with the little ones. The Harvest Festival was games and candy collecting. Jourdyn dressed in her scrubs and was a veterinarian. The CakeWalk is a fundraiser for the music department. You buy tickets (4 for $1 or 25 for $5). We did the $5. So you turn in one ticket at a time - and basically you play music chairs but with a circle made from string with numbered poker chips hanging. You go around until the music stops and then grab a number. There is a caller who draws numbers from a box and if your number is drawn you will a cake. We won 4 cakes! A Chocolate/chocolate, white pumpkin cake, strawberry cheesecake, and brownies. We gave the choco/choco away. My kids don't need that much sugar!
The ECS HS band is pretty awesome! And surprisingly they played songs like "Scooby-doo" and "Are you ready for this?"

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Daddy's another year older!

Today is Rob's 33rd birthday (and I thought I was old!) It has been a normal day at the McQueary house. Jourdyn and Nadine had school. Rob went with us to pick up Jourdyn and he took the night off - He's on Midnights this week. He's been helping our new neighbor Jason in his garage as much as he can, so he did that today.

Nadine wrote her name today for the first time! Her and Jourdyn were playing school in her room. JOurdyn has a dri-erase board and was having Nadine mimic letters - she was doing pretty good. So I wrote out her name for her and she copied it. Yeah!!!! She's got two years before kindergarten and if she can write her name now! She will definitely get in!!!!
This is Tatum! My niece! Isn't she cute! She's a Li'l Stinker!!!!

Monday, October 15, 2007

Dancing in our Jammies!

Some of you may remember Nadine's Frosty the Snowman - last year she just loved Frosty - we watched it constantly so we got her a stuffed one from Build-a-Bear and it plays the Frosty song. Well, Rowan has now found her friend and he loves it!

This video is of him dancing with Frosty in his jammies! Tonight he's sleeping with Frosty!

Sshhh! Don't tell my kids but our unusual visitor died on our back porch! :( He wouldn't let us take him back outside. He clung to the screen - and therefore had no food. I don't know their life expectancies anyways - maybe it was just his time!

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Sunday - a day of rest

Well, it wasn't a day of rest - but it was a day of relaxation. I finished my final paper yesterday. I don't know how great it was - we'll have to wait and see! So today, I was able to wake up and go to church with my kids (and by the way, Rowan felt like sharing his masterpieces and has left his artwork on the walls of the building that is no longer ours - friday, we closed on the church building - and we are now worshipping in the Ashland Ave. Bapt. Church's building - for a couple more weeks then we move to Starr Elem. until our building is built) Praise God He is good!
Back to my day - worship today was great! After church, we met my sister, Julie at the new mall - The Shops at Fallen Timbers - it is so awesome! After Children's place opens I will have no reason to return to Franklin Park! We came home and Julie and Brodie had dinner with us and then stayed for MOD Squad, our Bible Study.
That's been my day - it's been so nice to not have homework to do today!

Friday, October 12, 2007

Boys and their toys!!!!

In our first years of marriage Rob collected Hot Wheels and Johnny Lightning cars - we would have to stop at K-B's just to find cars - we couldn't leave toys r' us without checking out the cars. Well, we have been whiddling down our collections due to lack of room to keep everything. Rob brought out his huge box of cars last night to see if any of them were worth anything on ebay - He left the box out!

Rowan, the inquisitive one this morning discovered a new box in our livingroom - so of course, an investigation was in order. It didn't take much more than him lifting one flap of the box to start yelling "Cars, cars, cars...mama, cars, mama, mama, cars, cars," in between his hilarious laughing. He struck gold!!! And needless to say, I guess ebay's out of the question.

Thursday, October 11, 2007


Well, this week I finally received my grades for my case proposal and my book review - these were two of my big projects for my Christian Education class - and I was really excited - I got 115/125 and 93/100 - the funny part is that all of the professor's comments were good - he didn't point out anything bad - He must just be one of those prof's that don't give out perfect scores. (At least that's what I'll tell myself!) This week is my end of this class - I have to turn in my Philosophy of Congregational education on Monday. So pray for me!

The rest of our week has been pretty normal at the McQueary house! I went to my niece's Pampered Chef party tonight with Melissa - that was fun! Jen Hansen rocks! Check out her Pampered Chef website. Even if you live in Idaho - you can order on her website and have it sent directly to you! I did do coffee on Wednesday with Jen, Holly, Melanie and Josh and that was really nice to be able to hang out for a few minutes.

Monday, October 8, 2007

An unusual visitor!

Well, as I was talking on the phone today I saw an unusual visitor on my back porch. A Praying Mantis! I'm not a bug person but I do love Praying Mantis'. This was a huge one about 7 inches long. The kids loved it. Rowan was very inquisitive but wanted nothing to do with touching it.
Also Jourdyn's school pictures came back today. This is a pic of the pic. But it shows her hair all done up nice. Isn't she beautiful????
I also have to tell you that I have an awesome husband! He went Saturday morning and picked out flowers for my birthday. Bartz Viviano was supposed to deliver them to me yesterday (on my birthday) and they never did. It was supposed to be a surprise. Well, today he called them to complain about it and they were going to deliver them today - of course, he said no, do you want her to think that I forgot about her birthday? - So they are refunding his money to him. But he is so sweet, isn't he???? (He came home and gave me the receipt to prove that he did order them!) They should refund his money and still give me the flowers!!!! :)

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Happy Birthday to Mommy!

It's Sunday, October 7th and today is my 30th birthday! I was awoken at 12:30 AM by my hubby. He came home from work with a Hostess Cupcake with a tealight on top of it and a pint of Ben & Jerry's Creme Brulee Ice Cream. Isn't he sweet????
This year my birthday has been hard for me. I think I know why. As a kid I remember knowing for a fact that those around me that were 40 or 50 were old, but 30 years old was the age that began that oldness. You know at 12 or 13, you think 30 is so far away and you'll never be that old. Well, time has added up, as it so unjustly does and today I am now officially old.
I have had a good day though - nothing dramatic has happened. We had church and I was on praise team - I did, as an unexpected present, get to sing my favorite hymn "And Can It Be." After church we went to the grocery store and came home to have lunch. Rob baked me a cake and then went to work. He's on second shift tonight. So the girls and I got to decorate the cake. Can you tell??? Nadine demanded that we decorate with M&M's. So we did! And she sang her adorable rendition of "Happy Birthday!"
Tonight, we have Bible Study at our home - and that's gonna be it for my 30th birthday! Not much different from a normal day! Maybe that will help me feel less old!

Saturday, October 6, 2007

Something's Fishy!

On Saturday mornings all the kids have swim lessons. Our new house has an inground pool and it's important that they are all used to the water and have some knowledge of how to swim.

This will be the last time we do morning classes though - Nadine and Rowan always get too tired. In fact, my middle fish fell asleep during a back float - I had to carry her limp out of the pool - you should have saw the lifeguards face as we walked past him. He was a little scared!

Rowan loves the lessons - however, he's a little ADD - he likes the toys that they get to play with. If he isn't going under with a "ready swim" - he's eyeballing the toys and saying "ball, ball." It's hard to keep him focused on kicking or scooping. He just wants to play.
Jourdyn is a Flying Fish!!! She is doing a great job - she has somethings she has to work on - like keeping her body horizontal in the water and diving without belly smackers. But she loves it and it is great exercise for her. She would swim all day if we let her!

Thursday, October 4, 2007

A daily struggle

I have been struggling lately with my past - it seems like everyday my past is there looming close. It is so hard to forget the things I have done - no matter how hard I try. I am so thankful for the forgiveness that Christ has offered me. I stand in awe of His ability to not only forgive my sins but also forget them. (Psalm 103:12 - as far as the east is from the west, so far has He removed our transgressions from us.) He has given me a new life - and I want so badly to by worthy of the calling (Eph. 4:1) The things that I did have been covered by His blood and died with my old life. (2 Cor. 5:17)

This Casting Crowns song has really become my prayer - check it out! I hope it touches your life like it has mine.

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

WANTED: Earplugs????

Jourdyn has begun 5th grade band and has chosen to play the alto saxophone. Her teacher would like her to ultimately play the soprano sax or tenor but this is where she has to start. She is doing great - this is her first song "Hot Cross Buns."

Jourdyn also takes piano lessons. She hasn't since beginning of summer, her piano teacher has been able to teach for the past few months. She is going to start tomorrow with her band teacher.

Jourdyn loves music! She is going to be our musician! She already is!!!!

Nadine and I also went to see my grandfather this morning. I want to introduce you to him. He is an awesome godly man. I have learned so much of my faith from him. In all my spare time (which surprisingly I do have) I type his lifeworks which are books concerning theological thought. Grandpa (Bob) is 91 years old and still as active as I ever remember him. If you know him - please pass on how very proud, and even more blessed, I am to have him as a grandfather!!!!

Monday, October 1, 2007

A great reason to post a second time in one day!

Well, I wouldn't normally post twice in one day! However, the McQueary Clan has been very busy tonight - well, at least one of us!

This picture was taken this evening after Nadine came to me with a pair of scissors and told me she cut her hair. And yep, she did! She caught two inches of her bang-area. I say bang area becauase her bangs were almost as long as the rest of her hair. The hair on her right used to be below her chin - and it is now at eye level.

Well, I didn't freak like I did when Jourdyn cut hers at this age. Of course, Jourdyn cut off a lot more and a lot shorter. Nadine went on to tell me she wanted it short like Rowan's and I wasn't going that far but I figured since we were already in the hair-cutting mood - I might as well give Nadine her first haircut.

Yes, she is 3 1/2 and this is her first haircut! She has been cursed with my hair - blonde, stringy and thin as paper. So we have just never cut it before. Jourdyn by 6 mos had to have her hair cut because it was so thick and Rowan being a boy we keep it short.

Nadine likes it and has told me that "God wanted it short!" The things kids come up with!

Getting Older!

Well, we have finally reached October - I love the fall! I however, don't love getting any older. This October is tougher than Octobers of the past - in just 6 short days I will be turning 30. I remember being in High School and thinking 30 was so old. And while I don't feel all that old - I know that many, many high schoolers out there think I'm ancient!

What's nice about being an adult is picking your own birthday presents. And as I am getting older, these gifts seem to be less and less personal and more and more fulfilment's of necessities. This year for my 30th birthday I got a new sweeper - a Eureka Altima - I've always wanted a Dyson - but I also wanted curtains for my living room - so I went to a cheap model so I could also get curtains.
I have to say though that the Eureka Altima is an awesome vacuum - if you need a new one I recommend it and at Menards it's only $80 (compared to Meijer $100 and Walmart $120 ). My carpets look brand new again!

So Nicole (my niece-in-law and more important - friend!!!) and I went to JcPenney on Saturday and picked out my curtains. They had a huge sale. This is what we came up with. Chocolate curtains with aqua sheers. This all coordinates with the throw pillows I found while I was in Virginia.

I really like them! They look very nice! A great birthday present choice!!! This is also an unveiling of my new wall color - Cozy Neutral - Neutral is a new thing for me - I have always had bright and bold colors - but I really think I like this idea of a neutral template to accentuate with random color.

On a different note, I am coming into the last two weeks of my first real Master's course - pray for me - I have a big assignment due in two weeks, along with all the other daily tasks in the class and need to find time to really work on it!

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