Wednesday, November 24, 2010

A lot going on...

We've had bunches going on. Here are some of the highlights!

Dinner at UCT w/Rob's family
Rowan's Thanksgiving Feast
Katie, Trevor & Uncle Mike far left, Jamie, Matt & Brady 2nd from right - the boys were dedicated!

I went to the TAM Gala on the 13th with a group of friends. I was the guest of Lifeline Ministries. 

Back on the 11th we went to see Trans-Siberian Orchestra. Jourdyn went with us. She loved it!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

A Full House

Saturday we had a full house. Curt brought Tatum came over to play for the day. We all had lunch together. Grilled Cheese and tomato soup! Later that evening we had more guests over and Julie and I went to Lifeline Community Dinner in the Old West End.  Here are some pictures.

Nadine, Tatum, Izzie, Rowan

My silly boy!

This is Steve's fireplace! Above it says:
FAITH is the strength by which the shattered world
shall emerge into the light.  

Friday, November 5, 2010

Toledo Museum of Art & Voting

Tuesday we got up and took the younger kids over to vote with us! We like to involve them in the process to instill in them the necessity to participate in our government!

Rowan says "when you see a flag, you're supposed to grab it up and wave it!" 
It just so happened that the kids had no school that day and Rob was off work.  So we decided to head to the Toledo Museum of Art to see the MUMMIES! However, the MUMMIES would have cost us $50 to see them. So we just explored the rest of the museum.  The price they are charging for the exhibit is astronomical and ridiculous! The museum is generally free so I didn't take my purse or anything. But Rob and I decided that we are going to join the Museum instead because it's only a few dollars more and then all the special exhibits are included.  (Jourdyn had her friend Becca with us!)

Later that afternoon, Rowan had his very first dentist appointment. He did so well.  Nadine was going to go first, and he said "No, I go first!" He climbed up in the chair and was great the whole time. And then he said, "Where's my toothbrush?" He's been watching the girls go for years and has never been able to get his own new toothbrush at the dentist, so he knew it was coming.  He then unwrapped it and proceeded to stick it in a decorative fountain that they have in the office. Who knows how long its been since they changed the water! Yuck!!!!

Trick Or Treat

I apologize for the delay on Trick or Treating pictures! We've had a busy week so far! So here are some pictures from the kids on Halloween.  We went to Grandma's, our usual Halloween tradition. Rob worked so it was just me and the kids this year! We had fun though.  People were amazed by the Mad Hatter and the the younger kids loved the leaf piles!

 Here's one last picture of the Mad Hatter! I love this picture!!! Next year I think we are going to theme the whole family for our costumes! And make them all ourselves!

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