Monday, March 31, 2008

I think Oprah may be the "false prophet"

Just theorizing here....(so you don't have to read if you don't want to!)

But have you heard of Oprah's New Earth Study w/Echkart Tolle? Oprah believes that there is more than one way to heaven. In fact, she believes that heaven can be whatever we want it be and it could be different for you than for me. And that anything we want can get us there. Jesus Christ isn't important, in fact she doesn't believe in Him at all. She said so on one of her shows recently. She is now leading this new "study" that says that you are basically your own god, that you are in control of everything, you are your own salvation, don't make the mistake of clinging to the old rugged's quite scary! Why? because she has millions of groupies: people who watch her show daily, read her magazine, read every book she recommends, etc.

And now she has entered the political arena, promoting and stomping for a man who I think could be the Antichrist but he's a now Socialist, Marxist, "Christian" former muslim, who follows a spiritual leader who believes that God should be killed if he doesn't fulfill his political agenda. He has everyone under a spell with a simple word "change." It's quite terrifying.
So back to Oprah - not only has she entered the political arena but at the same time she has launched a New Age study that attacks Christianity head on. And to top it off, she started her newest TV show, which is sure to convince millions that she is better than any Christian without having Christ at all, The Big Give.

We are living in some pretty scary times and I'm telling you what...we had better be ready for what's knocking at our door. Here's an interesting video: it's a little long but watch the whole thing and you'll see what I mean. (I'm not endorsing the advertisement at the end...just think it's a great summary.) (remember you have to pause the music in the box at the bottom)

Friday, March 28, 2008

Skipping Fun

Jourdyn's friend gave her a "Skipper" for her birthday! And boy, what fun it is! It hooks to your ankle. It has a ball at the other end and you use the ankle it's hooked to to spin it and then jump over it with the other foot. Kind of like a jump rope, but not!

Jourdyn is pretty good at it. Nadine even gave it a try! And Rowan too! But there attempts were more like just spinning in circles over the top of the Skipper. I'm okay at it.
Here's a video of Rob giving it his best shot!

A couple of times, he ended up on the floor!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

New Discoveries! (Caution: explicit content)

Today, when giving Rowan a bath. He looked down and looked up and looked down again. Just staring in amazement. And he says, "uh-oh", looks back up and says, "uh-oh." Leans even further forward to get a better look and says "there it is - right there. Uh-oh." I said, "what Rowan?" He says "It's a ball, right there, uh-oh (hee hee hee!)"

My son has discovered his tally-wacker! (Grandpa Mac we thought you'd like the reference to Porky's) Nadine was there and witnessed all this and she said, "No Rowan that's what you pee and poop from...and then mommy changes your diaper."

Needless to say, new discoveries are always fun! We were laughing for quite a while. He continued his bath and occasionally check back to make sure it was still there! And of course, since its there why not dump some water on it and see if it moves.

I know if you don't have a son, you probably want one now! They are a ball! No pun intended!

Monday, March 24, 2008

Easter Sunday

Well, Easter Sunday proved to be a very busy day for the McQueary Clan!

I sang on praise team this morning at church. So we were up and out early! Then I went and fed the animals (after I came home and changed!) We had late lunch at Mom McQueary's house with the family! And then we came home! We cleaned the house. I worked on my paper that was due Sunday night! Dad came over at about 9 pm and had kielbasa and pierogies with us and of course, cake for Jourdyn's birthday! Then everyone but me went to bed because I had to finish my paper, which I did at about 1:30 am.

I took some pictures of my kiddos in their easter outfits! They were adorable as always! And some pictures of Jourdyn's cake and shirts she got.

Jourdyn's Birthday Party

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Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy 11th Birthday, Jourdyn!

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This year is a very special birthday for Jourdyn. It is the one time in her lifetime that Easter will fall on her Birthday! She came home at the beginning of the year and told me that her "birthday was on a very special day!" She was very excited! We had a roller skating party for her and her girlfriends yesterday. (I'll post pictures later!) And she had cake at Grandma McQueary's today and this evening with Grandpa Krempa! She was basically spoiled this year! (Because she's so special and we love her!!!)

This smilebox is some of our favorite pictures from her year of being 10!!!

Friday, March 21, 2008

Pet Sitting for the week

I forgot to tell you that I am pet sitting! I say, pet sitting because dogsitting doesn't even begin to describe it!

I am watching Chyna & Herc - they are Great Danes. There is also Attica - an overweight rat terrior (he eats like a Great Dane!) Peek & Abu the monkeys, Zeus the turtoise, and the cats and two geese! Oh, and the fish! I think that's all of them.
Just in case their mommy is reading - they are doing good! We are supposed to get 4 to 7 inches of snow tonight!

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Okay, I lied this isn't all their pets - they also have a Grivon monkey and two chihuahuas but they took those with them. Michael (the monkey) he's awesome! Very social and he wears diapers! Just like a little baby!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

American Idol

Okay so the small things amuse me! This is Jason Castro. I think he's my favorite guy on AI right now! I don't know! They are all so good! However, I do vote my heart and my conscience. I loved last year because of all the professing Christians. And I was really wondering about this year. But I found this today on
He is singing at his church!! Of course, before AI! Then below is my favorite song that he's sang so far for the season.

I've been extremely busy this week. School has started again! Which means lots of work, plus it is Holy Week, so I have been even more busy with Praise team and choir for church. We had a Tenebrae service this evening at our old building with Ashland Baptist church. Our praise team lead (that's me, Thom, Tim and Tammy) there team did instruments and then we had a combined choir. It was great!

I'm on praise team for Easter and Thom and I are singing a duet. I'm excited!

Monday, March 17, 2008

Happy St. Patrick's Day! - The place for profile layouts, flash generators, glitter graphics, backgrounds and codes

See, I can actually say that!! Rob's family is Scottish but me, I got Irish blood! Thanks to my grandfather!!! Happy St. Patrick's Day! It's a great day to be green!!!!

Gaelic Storm - Johnny Jump Up

This is a cross-stitch of the MacQuarrie Coat of Arms.
Nadine got a haircut today! She was very excited about it. Our friend, Amanda did it for her! Hopefully this will help with all the nappiness. However, the back when cut curled right up!

Saturday, March 15, 2008

NWO District Quiz Meet

Yesterday, we all headed down to St. Mary's Ohio for Jourdyn's District Quiz meet! Rob took the night off work and we stayed at the Holiday Inn Express in Wapaketna. There is nothing to eat down there! Besides a Bob Evans so we had dinner there and then spent the evening swimming with the other quizzers!

Saturday morning it was up and off to the Quiz Meet! Jourdyn took first place, only missing one question. She is advancing to the Regional Quiz off in Mt. Vernon, Ohio in April! YEAH!!!!!!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Finally 50

No, I'm not that old! It's 56 degrees today! So we got out and played!
Aunt Connie and Crystie bought the kids a bouncy house for their birthdays! We were at a rummage sale today and it was the right price from the right woman! They LOVE it!!!!

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Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Jourdyn just pointed something out to me! I have forgotten about Mia's birthday (my chinese crested) ! She is 3 this year on March 3rd. Follow the link to see a pic of her

Again, I told ya March is birthday month!

Today is my nephew, Andrew's 14th birthday. He's in the middle! Happy Birthday, Andrew! Wish we could be there to give you a big hug!!!!!
Just to give you a list: March 15 - Rob's brother Rick, March 16th - Crystie, my cousin's Martha, Jeremy and Jenna all are March babies, all of my kids of course, Cody, Charlene's son, the list probably goes on but I can't even begin to think of them all! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO EVERYONE!!!!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Birthday Surprise!

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Happy Birthday Nadine!


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Sunday, March 9, 2008

Pictures to share

I spent tonight going through pictures of Nadine! Her birthday is Tuesday. I want to make her a slide show too for her birthday! While I was going through pictures, I found some to share. I'll describe what they are after each picture. The video I posted for you, mom! I don't know if you've ever seen it - or if anyone knows I have it. I can't remember if I put it in grandpa's birthday video or not.
Rob, Jourdyn and I in Scotland. This was a Duart Castle - where Entrapment was filmed. I was actually standing in a castle that Sean Connery had been in. I saw the bed where he slept! To the left is the owner of the castle and to the right is Eric

Char, I thought you'd enjoy this pic. Left to Right - Ginger, Jimmy, Chuck (Grim Reaper), me (Judy jetson), Tim (Merlin), Rob, Deuschle (red tights), his wife, Char & Chris - This was our halloween party 2001
Not the greatest picture of our wedding day - but the only one I have in digital format! So now you can see my husband all sexy sportin' a kilt!

Grandpa Mac this is Jourdyn making those praying hands! Know that we are still praying for you!
This is Valentina! My friend from Slovenia, however she now lives in Spain!

I also wanted to tell you my Americal Idol favorites! Jourdyn and I are losers! We watch it - not only that but we record it and go back and compare! I know, I know...anyways, we think this year is going to be a guy. Of course, like everyone else we love David Archuletta, however, he's young and we can't wait to see him sing something other than a ballad. Also love David Cook. He's very edgy and unpredictable. He should be quite promising. My ultimate favorite so far is Jason Castro. There is something about his voice and his facial expressions - he is very believable. There are lots of great girls - our favorites, Brooke White, Amanda Overmyer, & Carly Smithson. It is turning out to be a great year! We can't wait to see what happens from here!

This is a video of my grandpa - it was taken in August 2004 at the Nuzum Family Reunion in West Virginia!

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Facing the Giants

Well, I finished my paper!! YEAH!! I don't know how good it is but it's done! It was a great night though. The whole family sat down and watched "Facing the Giants." We've seen it before, but it is definitely worth watching over and over. Here's a clip! (Charlene, I think Chuck would love it! And the boys would too!) I've added it to my Amazon widget on the side, it's 11.49 on DVD from there. This is the cheapest I have ever seen it. It's $20 at the Christian Bookstores. Buy it! If you don't like it - I'll buy it back from you! I believe in it that much! Click on the Amazon link from this page to buy it now!!! You won't regret it!

Friday, March 7, 2008

Happy Birthday Rowan!

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100th Post & Another year older

No not me! Today we are celebrating Rowan's 2nd birthday! I can't believe that it has already been two years! I have made a smilebox for you all to see. And I paid extra so that you all can save it or print pictures that you like. Since it's a special occasion and there are some great pics in the slideshow.

While I was making this slideshow, I came to one of my favorite pictures of Rowan with my Uncle Mike Krempa, so Rowan's great uncle. While I was looking at the picture, I was thinking how I ought to call him and see how he's doing...the phone was my Uncle Mike! That's weird! My Great Aunt Sally passed away yesterday. That leaves one remaining! My Grandmother was one of five sisters, Mary, Genevieve, Sally, Stella and my grandma, Bernadine. Stella is the only remaining.

This is my 100th post on my blog! I don't believe there could be a better reason to post today than the celebration of one of my babies! So enjoy the slideshow and remember you can save or print this one!

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Wednesday, March 5, 2008


Jourdyn ended up in the ER last night. She had Tate by his collar and was walking him to the back door, more like dragging/running him there. But anyways, she wasn't paying attention and ran her hand into the corner of my dining room table. I heard it smack and it didn't sound good. I've done the same thing tons of times. The table is just at the right height for us to hit our hands. However, my hand never looked like her's when I did it.
Her ring finger immediately swelled and turned purple. The swelling was kind of funny shaped so I though for sure the bone was broken. But it's not. No bones are visibly broken, however, the Dr. in the ER think because of the swelling and the location of the pain, that she has damaged her growth plate in her finger by her knuckle. This type of damage can't be seen in an X-ray. We have to call our PCP and have her referred to a hand specialist.
Please pray that it is just jammed really good. Because this is my piano/saxophone player. She already wants to move on to more instruments.

Monday, March 3, 2008

Textbook funding

Hey to the right you will notice an widget. It's my recommended list. If you use this link to purchase any item that I have there - I will earn 4% of the price. This is an easy way for me to earn money while at home. If there is something you need to buy from and it's not on my list - email me and I will add it to my list!! Then you can buy it through my widget! Thanks

I've also made some changes to my layout and added a couple of things. What do you think?

Bowling Fun!

Yesterday, our Bible Study group decided to have a fun night! So we went to McD's had dinner, let the kids play for a few minutes and then went bowling!!!! It was fun.

Jourdyn had her girlfriend, Paige stay the night on Saturday. And then Katie came over after church! They had Bible Quizzing yesterday. Jourdyn took second place. She got a trophy and a ribbon and is going on to districts in St. Marys, Ohio on March 15th! Pray for her as she studies!!!

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Also pray for me this week - it is the final week of my History of Christianity II class - I have a paper to write and still much class work to complete! It's going to be a crazy week! So just remember me in your prayers!!! the good news is I have next week off! YEAH!!

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Happy March!

Well, we have officially entered birthday season at Clan McQueary. Rowan will be two years old this Friday, Nadine will be 4 years old next Tuesday, and Jourdyn will be 11 years old on Easter Sunday!

We aren't doing birthday parties for the two little ones and Jourdyn is having a girls only High School Musical Roller Skating party. YEAH! That's gonna be fun! :)

March is starting off well. My only complaint is that I haven't been able to work out for the past couple of weeks because of school and sick family. So I believe I have found everything that I had lost. I am going everyday this week! (Barring no more sick episodes or major catastrophes.)
Yesterday, as a family we went to Fallen Timbers to do some shopping. I needed some new "girlie items" from Vicky's, I found them, but I also found tons of other sales. This is why I hate malls! Apparently, some of my friends didn't even know that this new mall existed. So check out the link. I learned about Cacique and I think they better met my needs. Dillards and JcPenny's had huge sales! I would say high end clothes with "Goodwill prices." For example, I found a $70 dress for $4.50. Yes, four dollars and fifty cents! So I got some new shoes, new pants, shirts and I even found that dress that I liked on me. Which is weird because dresses never fit right!

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