Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Eve

On the eve of Christmas Eve, our family headed out to Cedar Creek Church with Melissa, Tom, Amy and Jason and their families to enjoy their Christmas show. It was nice. However, it was different than years before. It wasn't as much show and lights. It was very much like any service at Cedar Creek. The message was about the gift of our Savior. It was great to celebrate Christmas there with friends!

One of the best Christmas presents we were given this year is the ability for Rob to work through Christmas on midnights! If you'll remember we were told that he would have a shut down for the holidays. And they did shut down many of the shops. Rob was able to work through it though. We aren't sure what the New Year will bring but thankful that God made provision to get us through Christmas.

So it made Christmas different this year. And we decided to make it definitively different. Instead of our usual, going to the McQueary's and then to candlelight service, we decided to spend Christmas Eve with the Rook's. They live close to Brush Wellman and so we headed out earlier, had dinner, watch a movie and then Rob went to work and the kids and I came home.

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Chuck and Char have been pretty much some of our best friends. Definitely those friends that have made it to our might-as-well-be-family list. The kids always have a ball with their kids. In fact, we didn't see Rowan and Nadine at all until the end of the night when they were pooped and ready to go to sleep. They were both out like lights before I hit the main road. Overall, the night was relaxed and fun. We watched the Dark Knight. First time we saw it...and we aren't sure if we like it better than the original or not. For sure, there were better graphics and stuff but I think we like them both.

We played some Wii! And I WON!!!! I bowled a 172, a 188 and a 180. I have never bowled over a 72 in real life!

It was great to be with friends and great to know that each person there really cared about each other. There is nothing like knowing who, when times are rough, will have your back! who will always be there and who can help you through anything!

Today, Christmas...I get to spend with my dad, my sister and my nephew, Brodie. More people that are always there for us! I'm excited!


char said...

Love the pics with u and my monkey. I think he likes u. I'm glad u guys came over. It was the happest part of Christmas for me thanks so much!

Sharon said...

There's always love for the supplier! Is that like "contributing to the deliquincy of the monkey"

James and Sue MacFarlane said...

Some post go through and others do not. quite here. Beautiful snow all 2 foot at John's

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