Saturday, December 27, 2008

11 years and still counting...

Today, Rob and I celebrated our 11th wedding anniversary! He was given a gift card from work for a safety bonus and we decided to use it to buy a scanner that has the capability of scanning negatives and slides. We went to Office Depot and purchased it. Brought it home and I had all intentions of scanning in everyone of my wedding photo negatives. However, I have been tearing my house apart because they are not in the boxes with my photo negatives. :( But I have scanned in a couple to share with you! And if I can't find the negatives, I am going to have to just scan all the pics in one by one. Not today though!

We also went out to lunch with our Chili's gift card that our awesome friends gave us for Christmas! Keep watching though I will be posting pics that I get digitized! I am going to try to do my European Vacation soon! And I'll get them all on here for you to see.

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James and Sue MacFarlane said...

Was a lovely cold day for those kilts... Did you get card... wish we could give the world.. Hope you had a good day.

char said...

Love the wedding pics!

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