Monday, September 15, 2008


Today, we headed over to Costco to find Jourdyn some new specs!!! After much deliberation and fanfare we decided on two pairs! And it was a bonus since the lenses were on sale!!! The little ones love looking at glasses. Rowan doesn't look half bad, but we pray Nadine never has to have glasses. We were unsuccessful on finding any that flattered her. It could be the ones she was picking out!

Jourdyn is excited! She has to wait 10-15 days before they come in. So the anticipation is going to build. Of course, she will probably forget about them before then.

just an update on my fireworks damage: We have been talking to the manager at the Mudhens and he has been responsive but has passed it off to the fireworks company, who have yet to call us. So we called our insurance and filed a claim. We have been getting rain lately and the burn holes are beginning to rust. Anyways, they have to repaint the hood and the entire roof. They are going to try to buff the sulfer stains off the sides of the car but if they are unsuccessful then they will have to repaint the entire car. The estimate only includes buffing the sides and it was $1000. If they have to repaint the whole thing it will probably be $2000. We have a $100 comprehensive deductible that we will have to pay. Then we will have to fight with the fireworks company to get that back. However, I doubt that we will ever see a penny. And I am kinda disappointed in the Mudhens for not doing something to rectify the damage. I was prepared for the fact that a baseball might damage my car....I never expected fireworks to burn the paint off of it.


Julie said...

That's a big time bummer! I would have thought the Mudhens would be more pro-active than that, even though they can't control the way the wind blows. Take care & we'll TTYS!

Sharon said...

If I were to let off fireworks, I would be responsible for whatever damage they cause - no matter what. Even if it was because of the wind...they are responsible for damage, they shouldn't have let them off since the wind was so bad

James and Sue MacFarlane said...

Life never is what we ecpect. but you have insurance and that's a great blessing with all that is going on right now with the economy.

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