Tuesday, May 13, 2008

New Things

First, there are some new things on my blog...ads. This is just a way for me to earn some extra funds by your clicking on them.

Secondly, when we had our pool taken out, they used a Bobcat. When I was here Rowan was calling it a tractor. When I left daddy tried to teach him "bobcat." Well, I returned and Rowan was telling me about the "kitty kat" in the backyard. So I told him "No, Bobcat!" And finally, he called it bobcat.

The next weekend when we went to Mt. Vernon they were doing some construction on their parking lots. We were driving through and all of the sudden Rowan starts yelling, "It's Bob, It's Bob, Hi, Bob, Hi" Now any where he sees a bobcat, he's yelling "Mommy, it's Bob, It's Bob!" Today, daddy took him to TSC and bought him his very own Bob. Relax, it's only about an inch tall! And it came with it's own flatbed truck for hauling! He hasn't let go of the thing yet!

We've also started potty training today! No luck yet! But we'll keep trying! And in the mean time waste a fortune on diapers everytime he says "mommy, potty!!" (Notice Bob in his right hand!)

Nadine was busy dressing herself again today! She's very colorful, isn't she?


James and Sue MacFarlane said...

Maybe Rowan is going to be a Bob the Builder,,, Nice when the potty training is all done.. Love ya!

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