Saturday, May 3, 2008

Daughters of the King

Today, was our 2nd annual Daughters of the King banquet!! And we picked the perfect speaker!! It was so awesome!! God is so good!! He really blessed us all this evening. Check out my Women of Hope blog for more info. I haven't posted yet - but I will so just watch for it. I am collecting pictures from all my ladies first.

Rowan sat on my bed for about 30 minutes today just playing daddy's guitar!
Oh and by the way, John...thanks for showing Rowan how to play rough with Tate. He pinned Tate into a corner and slapped at his face, so Tate did what he did with you while you were here and nipped at Rowan, unfortunately Rowan doesn't have the reflexes that you have to move away quickly (or to even know that's what Tate would do) and he got his face nipped. Tate didn't break the skin. He wasn't being mean, he was just trying to defend himself and get away. You can see it on Rowan's right cheek. But Tate did scare the crap out of him. And then he got beat with a shoe. (Tate not Rowan!) As soon as Rowan cried Tate knew he did wrong....he ran and hid.
This is what I wore to the banquet. I took this picture before I left the house today because I don't have a full-length mirror and I wanted to see what I looked like. I received many compliments on the top. So I guess I looked okay!


char said...

u looked great and did a wonderful job speaking. We had lots of fun! Thanks for inviting us.

James and Sue MacFarlane said...

Look beautiful. Pink is your color - like grandma krempa... John was 3 or 4 when Pepper bit his nose.... Prayed you banquet would be a spiritual success for many women..

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