Saturday, November 29, 2008

Neon Black Date Night

Last night, Rob and I went out with Chuck, Charlene, Amy & Jason to see Neon Black. They are friends of Jason's, a really cool cover band. They did stuff like Poison, Skid Row, Guns N Roses, Motley Crue, etc. And they did it well. It was a fun time. Amy, Char and I did some dancing and mostly just some all around goofyness!

There was this one guy though. He was dressed like he was straight out of the movie Grease. His hair pomped up and his jeans rolled with black shoes and a black leather jacket. I couldn't help but stare. And then he was up dancing with us and Amy and I were doing some of the Grease dances. It was quite funny and you really just need to see the dances we were doing. And it must be a new fad or something because I was in Sandusky tonight at the Toys R Us and saw someone dressed the same way. Rob and I started dancing through the parking lot.

This evening we went out to dinner on Brush Wellman. Rob is on the Recreation committee. And we had to Christmas shop for all the employee kids tonight. So we went to eat at Brown Derby Roadhouse, pretty much just like Texas Roadhouse, then to Toys R us to spend five grand. That was fun! Especially since it's not my money!
Well Here are some pics from last night! Charlene has a bunch and so does Amy but I don't have those yet. I'll post them later.

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char said...

Love the pics!!!! We had fun!! I'll get the video to ya some how. I have pics up on My Space.

Julie said...

Looks like you all had a great time - glad to see it! I had my fun at the Funnybone this weekend! TTYS!

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